Protect your documents and your intellectual property

Timestamping a document can give you a protection similar to that of a copyright. A copyright is basically the announcement that you were in possession of a document at a certain date. And this claim is usually made by an official state organization.

We leverage the blockchain technology to timestamp your documents, whatever they are PDFs, images, videos... By storing a digital footprint of your file to the BitCoin blockchain, this service gives you a reliable, auditable and independant mean to prove that you had this document at that date. For free.

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Why timestamping


Once your document is timestamped, you can prove to anyone that you were owning it at that date.

Timestamped forever

Because we use the BitCoin blockchain, your timestamp will live forever.

Why this service

No extra step

No registration or whatever. It cannot be simpler.


You can use the service immediatly. No fancy software to install.


Using this service is easier than most things you already do on the Web.


Because the proof is stored on the BitCoin blockchain, your timestamp will last even if this service goes offline.


The process only takes you a few seconds. We simply notify you when it is done.


Compare this to the price of a classic copyright deposit.