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The PDF format is definitely useful for regular documents: reports, presentations, books... Plus, most platforms come with integrated PDF readers, so these files can be opened everywhere.

However, sharing a PDF is not straghtforward. Although it can be sent by email or put in a shared directory, it is often hard to show a PDF to a large audience.


With more than 2 billions of users, Facebook is simply the most popular social network. If you have built an audience via a Facebook page, this is definitely the place where you might want to post content.

Yet, while it is possible to publish images to Facebook, PDF is just not part of the formats Facebook supports.

Your PDF to Facebook because...

PDF presentation as a Facebook publication

You did a great presentation last week at your corporate event. In particular, you got outstanding feedback for your slides. They were clear, gorgeous, and really pleased your attendees.

This is why you are not surprised to hear your boss asking you to publish your slides to the company's Facebook page. After all, she is always looking for quality content to share on social networks.

Getting compliment from your boss is certainly good news. But you have now a task to do: posting your PDF slides to Facebook. You know how to post images to Facebook. But a PDF? There is no such option.

MyTools to the rescue. Posting your PDF file to Facebook is as easy as, well, posting regular images to Facebook. You're done in seconds. Your boss is happy and your cooleagues are wondering how you managed to do this.

Publish slides as PDF to a corporate Facebook page
Post a research paper to Facebook

Publish a reseach paper to Facebook

After months of research, you finally found something. You have wrote an article. This is going to raise attention in your community.

As usual for this kind of document, your article is a PDF file. You didn't have choice: this is required by the scientific journal you are going to publish to.

But why stop there? Your laboratory has a Facebook page and you regularly need to contribute new content. Today is a special day since the article is ready. But how to publish a PDF document to Facebook.

MyTools does just this. You pick the PDF on your computer, select the page where you want to post to and a moment later, it is over.

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