Online tools
to fix the small problems
that make the big ones

Small problems can stop you
from achieving big

In this ever-changing world, you cannot survive being non-tech-savvy. How about having an online go-to-place that has all the tools to fix your issues regarding images, PDFs, videos, and MP3s?

How MyTools has got your back

Every internet user faces dozens of major to minor issues with his files. How to crop an image? How to rotate a PDF? How to fix an upside-down video?

We understand that these questions can be the worst nightmares for non-technical users. Especially when you know that your huge project is at a stake because of this minor issue, it is even scarier!

What would you do now? Buy expensive software and learn to use them? Certainly not.

Man in search of a solution
Man in search of a solution

Don't underestimate these minor issues

Whether it be your college assignment or office job, not paying heed to your file issues can result in negative feedback.

Fixing minor issues regarding your images, PDFs, videos, and MP3s manually can cost you time, money, anxiety, and frustration.

Why not bookmark a "master of all" online tool that fixes your file issues on a single page?

Services of MyTools


Do you hate switching to JPG or PNG image formats? Or cropping the image is the part that you hate the most? MyTools has simple solutions to fix your images in easy steps.


PDF is often the accepted format to submit documents. MyTools will help you rotate, merge, sign, compress, and upload PDF to Facebook. Also, you can batch convert your PDFs into other formats.

Video and audio

Switch between video and audio formats without hiring a video editor! Crop and rotate videos with a few clicks. MyTools helps you save your favorite music videos in MP3 format.

Simple steps for complex issues

Those little hassles take a few seconds to get resolved.

  • Pick the file on your computer or device
  • Edit it with a plain interface
  • Download the result

Done! How easy was it?

Man in search of a solution

Why choosing MyTools

Guaranteed Security

We do not share your files nor keep them in our database. Every file is deleted forever within a couple of hours.

Quick Solutions

We are focused on time-saving and efficient solutions. All our services are offered as super fast solutions.

100% FREE

On one hand, where you had to spend hundreds to buy software, MyTools offers its basic features for free!

Fast infrastructure

Whatever the size of your file, our infrastructure lets you to use the maximum potential of your downloading speed.

Globally Trusted

We deal with thousands of files daily from users all across the world. We have helped people and this is our pride!

Feature Updates

MyTools updates its features and adds new ones time-to-time to make sure you enjoy the best experience.